Buying things.

So I finally found a birthday party shirt on my fourth day of shopping, at my second Banana Republic. Said shirt is best described by the following two words: “obscenely shiny.” Normally, I avoid sparkles/shine/etc., but hey, it’s from Banana Repub, which automatically makes it classy, right?

Ironically, I was reading the New York Times online on my birthday, and I came across this article about the fabulous Mindy Kaling. Guess what? She’s wearing my shirt in that picture!

I don’t follow many blogs*– I barely write in my own, so why would I spend time on anyone else’s?– but if I did, I would definitely become a regular reader of Mindy’s. It’s pleasantly superficial.

I have nothing important to say, so I’m going to blatantly rip off and share…things I’ve (recently) bought that I love.**

Stila Cherry Crush Lip and Cheek Stain
I’m not one to drop $24 on beauty products, but when the Express said that “it gave lips that attractive windburned look, sans pain,” I was sold. It’s kind of drying, though, so if you don’t actually want chapped lips, a little balm or gloss’ll help.

Gap’s “plaid ruffled shirt”
Could that name be any less appealing? Anyway, my boyfriend loves plaid and button-down shirts. I’m usually not a fan of either, but I was surprisingly attracted to this shirt, and it fit surprisingly well. How surprising! I bought one in bright yellow, which Gap doesn’t sell online, I guess. I also paid only $24.99– BURN!

Loop NYC’s Warhol tote bags
My sister got me hooked on these crazy bags– I currently have three, and I always get a ton of compliments when I’m carrying one. For everyday use, I typically rock a mustard-yellow (we’re talking classic French’s here, not spicy brown) featuring a hot-pink, gun-wielding Elvis Presley. For my birthday this year, the sis got me the dark green floral on Loop’s site– a little more subdued, but I am 23 now, and maybe I should start to leave the Crayola colors at home.

A girl I work with is also a fan, but she’s paid up to $80 at Nordstrom for hers, while Caitlin and I pay $19.99 or less at miscellaneous Ross, Marshall’s, and TJ Maxx stores at home in South Jersey. BURN AGAIN!

Dirty’s All-Natural Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips
I eat these every day. If I gave them up, I’d probably lose 15 pounds of fat and water weight and save around $20 a month. (I’m not giving them up. FAT!)

*But I do always make time for Dlisted. Also, I hate the word “blog.” Have I said that before?
**My intention was to post pictures along with these reviews, but I’m retarded and I can’t get anything to work the way that I want ever. Wah.

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